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I’ve always thought I’d like to try art. I didn’t even know how to hold a paintbrush really… But now for the first time I can really see colours!


Love it! Love it! Inspiring, safe, informative. Helped me from the basics to develop my style further.


Always love coming to art classes! Learning something all the time… and building confidence bit by bit.


Student Success

Step by Step Guidance

to draw and paint anything

What is different about our art classes?

This is a comprehensive learning system unlike any other art course anywhere in the world. These are comprehensive, holistic courses that guarantees everyone will produce beautiful works, even if they start out as complete beginners!

You will learn everything you need to know to create great art in any medium (drawing, painting and more). Just pick a favourite topic or medium to get started and you’ll be mentored along your journey step by step.


Join me for weekly Beginner or Adventurer classes in my Brisbane studio or via Zoom


Dip your toe into a mini video course in a range of mediums from $10

Anytime Videos

Dive into a medium and learn all the tips & tricks at your own pace

Books & More

‘How to Paint’ books and handy downloads for your painting zone

Who are you?

Total Beginner

Never even picked up a brush before?

Don’t have a creative bone in your body?

You’ll be amazed at what you will paint!

Budding Artist

Feel “stuck” with your art?

Can’t work our how to paint your stuff your way?

Rekindle your joy of creativity and awaken your inner artist.

pottery lover

Need a new creative outlet?

Wish you could control the clay to create the shape you want?

The world of pottery and sculpture is here…

Lots of new ideas! Wonderful materials! So much to have learned in such a short time. Thank you!


your zen art journey

Courses start from as little as $10

The 4 Elements

Choose a medium and start learning!

Drawing & Pastel




What our students are saying…

Art Your Way


video lessons

Learn anytime, anywhere
at your own pace


with Jacqueline Hill

Weekly 3hr lessons
at Brisbane Studio or via Zoom

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