Ninja Art Secrets of Earth, Air, Fire and Water

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How can Earth, Air, Fire and Water help you create art? Get your Zen Art Mind ready and watch these tips!

We’ll start with Air:

Now let’s look at Earth:

Looking at Fire:

Looking at water:

Happy painting!

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Want to create a pastel artwork with a wide range of colors? I guarantee that you don’t have to go out and buy a million pastel sticks.

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Ninja Art Tip 149 Why Should I Study Art

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Ninja Art Tip #148 How to Create Depth in Trees

Are you struggling to paint a tree with realistic depth? It can be hard to show the layers of depth in a tree, especially when it is close to the foreground.

In this video, I will show you how to use atmospheric perspective to master this technique. Your tree leaves will soon be popping off the canvas!

Ninja Art Tip #147 How to Use Negative Space to Improve Your Drawing

Have you ever played with negative space? Negative space is a really underrated tool to perfecting the shape of your drawing.

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Ninja Art Tip #146 How to Approach Painting a Glass Subject

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Ninja Art Tip #145 How to Use Charcoal Sticks

Modern mind loves all things neat and tidy. So while charcoal sticks are fun to use, our modern mind sometimes finds it hard to use them at their full potential.

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Ninja Art Tip #144 Should I Give Up on My Painting?

When you’re a beginner, it can be really easy to give up on your paintings. But this is not good for your skill!

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Ninja Art Tip #143 How to Mix Charcoal and Acrylic

Charcoal and acrylic paint should never mix…right? Wrong! There is actually a really creative technique you can use with these two mediums.

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Ninja Art Tip #142 How to Fix Your Shapes with Acrylic Paint

When you’re painting with acrylics, do your underlying shapes get distorted? If so, there is an easy fix!

This is one of my favorite things about acrylic paint. Check out this video to learn what it is.

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