Wellcome, Grasshopper

As a treat, I’ve got some little bonus resources and support for your zen art journey…

I want you to have a great experience moving forward in your art journey after your course. So here are some great free tools to help you along your way.

You’ll probably find that you want to keep them handy at your side while you are painting in the future.

Free Bonus Gifts

Brush Chart

Brush Wizard Chart

One easy visual reference — never pick up the wrong brush again!

Short Story

The full story of Blue-kun & Orange-chan that reveals colours secrets

Colour Charts

A handy catalogue of colour charts by popular brands for all mediums

Artist Apps

A list of my favourite apps to use as an artist and why

Art Community

Membership into exclusive creative Facebook Zen Art group

Your Zen Art Sensei

Jacqueline Hill

Multi-Award Winning Artist & Author

Zen and the Art of Art is a series of books and training systems by multi-award winning artist and teacher, Jacqueline Hill.

Jacqueline Hill walked away from a lucrative twenty-year IT career to follow her heart of painting and bringing joy to the world. She is a full time professional artist and won many awards and broken records with art sales. She has had huge success inspiring and teaching complete beginners how to draw and paint beautiful paintings that they never thought possible.

Jacqueline lives on a country property alongside her studio, with her sculptor husband and their crazy Burmese cat. She runs her own professional art gallery, art school and studio practice in the leafy outskirts of Brisbane, Australia.

Jacqueline Hill