Zen and the Art of Art book


Zen and the Art of Art: Foundations Book

About the book

How to Paint a Painting in Any Medium (including drawing)
Learn to Paint and Draw like a pro, even if you’ve never picked up a brush before.

You’ll be led gently along a practical, step-by-step course by a kind Zen Art Master — who will open your mind to totally new ways of seeing, so you can create beautiful art.


  • 220 pages of full colour illustrations
  • 8 ways to work magic with a brush, how to mix natural greens the easy way, and how to paint trees that look real
  • How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes beginners make with their paintings
  • 6 different colour mixing recipes — so you can become a colour mixing Wizard!
  • 5 ways to save money on painting supplies without compromising quality
  • Zen stories to help you to never forget the most important art concepts
  • Ways to make colour sing and dance in your paintings



Learn to paint and draw anywhere with the fully illustrated eBook.




Get a signed paperback book with over 200 full-colour premium pages to enjoy.

Available in Australasia only.

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Art Classes

Continue your leaning with fun and structured online and in-person classes in the Dojo