Download your free PDF poster to explain all about the different types of brushes and when to use them in your paintings.

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  • Ever wanted to know which brush you should pick up to paint with?
  • Ever been baffled by the huge array of brushes in the art shop and not known which one to choose?
  • What do the numbers on the brush mean?
  • Should you buy natural or synthetic brushes?
  • When should you use long handles or short handles?

This FREE poster chart tells you everything you need to know! Which brush to pick up when. And which brush to buy.

It’s time to end all your painting pain!

Don’t waste your money buying the wrong brush. The brush is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in your art journey. Choosing the right brush makes a huge difference to what your painting ends up looking like. Get the right brush so your painting can be beautiful!

This information packed chart is one that you will want to print and post up next to your painting spot. It includes information on brush sizes, bristle types, shapes of brushes, length of handles, length of bristles and more. Explained in plain English so you can become the wizard of art brushes.

The next time you visit the art shop you’ll know exactly what to ask for.

Download NOW and become the Art Brush Wizard.