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Learn to draw in only 5 hours… even if you can’t draw a stick figure!

Want to draw well but finding drawing frustrating?

Had a teacher in the past who made you feel bad?

Been told “You’ll never be an artist!”

Frustrated with other lessons not helping?

Need some individual help with your own work?

Here is your answer →

A step-by-step live course for total beginners. Learn to draw better than your grandchildren!

Hurry! Starting soon!

I loved the challenge so much and learned an incredible amount in such a short time. Thank you so much Jacqui and team. 💕

Wendy A

Jacqueline has turned the light bulb💡 on for me as I get it now. I really loved and learnt so much with this challenge. Thank you Jacqui 🙏

Heather W

I still cannot believe I can draw. Five hours of lessons and I have gone from never drawing to now knowing I can. 👏
I’m so proud of myself and had to frame both drawings.

Carol K

"I'm So Happy (penguins)" by Jacqueline Hill

“Come and draw me!”

Learn how to draw amazing drawings in only 5 days, from one of Australia’s most successful art teachers.

You will be able to draw faster and better than you ever have, using shapes and shading like a real artist.


  • Live step-by-step classes (with replays)
  • Private community on Facebook for sharing, support and inspiration
  • Mind breakthroughs so you overcome fear and release mental blocks and old beliefs
  • Encouragement to keep going from your teacher and other like-minded people
  • and Rewards to inspire you to pick up the pencil and draw!


  • More than 5 beautiful drawings finished and signed by YOU – that you may never have believed possible before!
  • Over 1300 previous challenge artists.
  • Multi-award-winning artist with 11 years of teaching total beginner adults to successful new artists.
Teacher, Jacqueline Hill

Total Value of $97

→ for only $27! ←

Limited time offer


All prices are in US Dollars.

Wonderful course. Total beginner that can now draw. Thanks Jacqui!

Debra E

Amazed at what I created with no experience. Came away with lots of tips.

Leanne M

Fantastic — didn’t realise I could draw!

Lynette L

Drawings by Jacqueline Hill

You’ll be surprised at the amazing drawings you create in a surprisingly short time — even if you can’t draw a stick figure.

Learn how to accurately draw anything you see every single time

If you are…

Someone who always wanted to learn to draw, but was told you’d never be able to do it

A failed artist who gave up through frustration

A grandma embarrassed you can’t show off drawing to your grandkids, who wants to have more fun interacting with them by sharing art

Lonely at home on your own, needing a kind community of like-minded people to interact and make friends with

Sick and tired of using grids or tracing to draw, and wanting to draw fast and confident like a real artist

You’ll soon be…

A confident drawer, able to throw away the notion of grids or tracing forever

A person who knows exactly where to start, with every new artwork you creates

A Grandma whose grandkids are in awe of how amazing your drawings are

A hero in the eyes of people who say they “can’t even draw a straight line”

Someone who can whip up an artwork for a gift card or framed gift for any occasion

A real artist who proudly frames your artworks


 $97  $27

All prices are in US Dollars.


How do I join the challenge?

Just put your email address in the box, click JOIN NOW, then complete the checkout process.

Once you’re in, you’ll receive an email with everything you need, including a link to the private Facebook group. (Be sure to check your junk inbox just in case, and add us to your Safe Senders list so you don’t miss anything else!)

Before our first live session on Zoom, you’ll receive the Zoom meeting details via email and in the private Facebook group. If you can’t join the live Zoom sessions, the recordings will be posted in the private Facebook group for you to enjoy!

I can't even draw a straight line... will I be okay?

Yes! We cater for absolute beginner adults and you will learn step-by-step, fool-proof methods of drawing like an artist.

Is the challenge available in my location?

Yes! Anyone anywhere can join our challenge, as long as they have access to Facebook. You can check the dates and times of the live sessions and recorded posts at

When is the challenge?

This 5 Day Drawing Challenge includes 5 live sessons on Zoom, which run in 5 consecutive days. You can see the times and dates of these sessions in your time zone at

You’ll also received 30 days access to recordings of each live session, which will be posted in a private Facebook group shortly after the live session.

What if I'm busy on the challenge dates?

Because life is busy for all of us, we’ll have recordings of each session posted in a private Facebook group. They’ll go up just after the live session and stay available for 30 days.

Can I see recordings of the challenge?

Because life is busy for all of us, we’ll have recordings of each session posted in a private Facebook group (you’ll be emailed a link when you sign up). They’ll go up just after the live session and stay available for 30 days.

I don't have Facebook — can I still do the challenge?

Yes, you can! We send all the essential information such as materials list, reference images and Zoom details via email.

The recordings of each session, art support and some other bonuses are only available in the Facebook group. But all the main challenge benefits are in the live Zoom sessions and in your emails.

I don't have Zoom — can I still do the challenge?

Yes, you can! Recordings of each session will be posted in a private Facebook group (you’ll be emailed a link when you sign up). They’ll go up just after the live session and stay available for 30 days.

In this Facebook group, you’ll also get access to art support and fun bonuses.

How much do I need to pay to do the challenge?

For a single payment of US$27, you get access to 5x 1-hour live sessions on Zoom plus 30 days of support and session recordings in a private Facebook Group.

You’ll also need to have a pencil and some paper!

How do I pay for the challenge?

Just put your email address in the box, click JOIN NOW, then complete the checkout process with your card details.

We use Stripe to process all card payments as they have the highest safety rating available. (To learn more about Stripe’s safety, visit Most cards are accepted by Stripe; you can see the full list at

You’ll only be charged a single payment of US$7 to access everything promised on this page (including 5x 1-hour live sessions on Zoom plus 30 days of support and session recordings in a private Facebook Group).

Can I pay with PayPal?
We use Stripe to process all payments as they have the highest safety certification available (PCI Service Provider Level 1). Because they are so trustworthy, we do not use any other payment method. To learn more about Stripe’s safety, visit

Stripe accepts most cards; you can see the full list at

How safe is the payment process?
It’s important to us that you can relax and discover the joy of drawing without having to worry about your details falling into the wrong hands. We use Stripe to process all payments as they have the highest safety certification available (PCI Service Provider Level 1). It’s so secure, even we can’t see your card numbers! To learn more about Stripe’s safety, visit

Stripe accepts most cards; you can see the full list at

Why is the price in US dollars?

We are an Australian business, but because we want to share the joy of drawing with the whole world, we’ve decided to set our prices in US dollars, which is the easiest for most people to convert to.

Can you teach my child how to draw?

All our classes and challenges are available for ages 16 and up.

The content is designed for adults and we use third-party services including Facebook or Zoom that have age minimums of 16.

I sent you a message... when will I hear back from you?

We are a small, family business in Brisbane, Australia. We do our very best to respond to all questions but please be aware we cannot always respond promptly outside our Brisbane business hours.

I have another question.

For any other questions, you can contact us here.

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, Grandma or Retiree,

Have you always struggled with drawing?

Are you always in awe of those people who can pick up a pencil and just draw anything? Can you imagine being one of those people? Yes! It’s possible — I have seen people’s faces light up with joy hundreds of times in my classes.

You can learn to draw with one of Australia’s most successful art teaching programs. Can’t even draw a stick figure? No problem. In 5 days, you will understand how to use the pencil and how to draw anything you see. The incredible drawings you create will amaze you — 

  • only 1 hour each day for 5 days
  • recordings in the Facebook group if you miss a day.

Switch off and create with joy. Then enjoy the feeling of showing off your drawings to your friends and family!

Tired of being bored and stuck at home? Soon you’ll love having the time to happily sketch and create!

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity lets you learn from a master teacher at an unbelievably low price:

US$97 US$27


This one price is all you need for the whole 5 days. This offer is only open to a limited number of people who book in early. Once the bookings are filled this offer will close.

What you will experience

Getting started in art is so easy once you know the tricks I’ll share with you. And drawing is the perfect place to start; behind every great painting is a great drawing.

You may even discover why creating art is so addictive to so many people. Creating art has been proven to:

  • affect brain waves
  • calm the nervous system
  • raise serotonin levels
  • genuinely make you feel happier!
Student, Joyce G.

Feel a huge sense of achievement when you (finally!) draw a great drawing.

Enjoy the satisfaction of creating wonderful artwork at the end of a creativity session.

Switch off from everyday worries, stresses and boredom to become relaxed, happy and refreshed.

What we’ll be doing together over the challenge

You’ll learn the secrets to drawing (including the best tools and materials to use) that are just as valuable for simple drawing as for drawing a masterpiece.

Reflective Jug by Jacqueline Hill
Craggy Man by Jacqueline Hill

Discover how easily you can draw incredible animals (even if you can’t draw a stick figure!) with these artists’ tricks! Step by step, you’ll understand how to find simple shapes in complex subjects and make drawing realistic art so fun and easy.

Then you’ll learn how to make your drawings jump off the page with shadows, highlights and all sorts of insider artist techniques.

Your friends and family will not believe the set of three beautiful animals you have just drawn!

By The End Of This Challenge You Will Learn:

Learn Beginner Watercolour

How to master the pencil,
artist erasers, charcoal and more.

How to draw animals and birds
— the easy way.

Watercolour Fairy Wren

How to create 3 beautiful drawings
even as a total beginner.

You Will Draw

These three beautiful artworks all by yourself, step by step, even if you can’t draw a stick figure!

It’s not just about the finished drawings that you’ll create either… It’s more about the process you will learn. This is a unique teaching system not available anywhere else.

I’ll show you 3 simple steps to creating any beautiful artwork of any subject. Through my methods you’ll unlock your eyes to see like an artist sees, for the first time.

The skills you’ll learn will last you a lifetime.

"Road Train (elephants)" by Jacqueline Hill

“Road Train (elephants)”

"Chickenfest" by Jacqueline Hill


"I'm So Happy (penguins)" by Jacqueline Hill

“I’m So Happy (penguins)”

1 hour daily on Zoom for 5 Days

Ongoing support & online recordings on Facebook
for 30 days

All this for one $27 payment — Limited Time offer!

Available in all locations. Choose you timezone to see the dates:

All prices are in US Dollars.

Hit the button above and join this challenge while registration is still open.

Can’t wait to meet you on the inside!

Here’s to your success in drawing,


Jacqui signature


Time Sensitive:

Do not miss this incredibly unique 5-day live and highly-interactive learning experience where you will get to learn to draw like a real artist, even if you can’t draw stick figures.

Don't miss this!








The challenge starts mid November 2023 and will deliver the most important information you need to know to help you draw beautiful art right now.

And just for showing up and doing the daily assignments you could win these 5 incredible ebook prizes, packed with arty tips, knowledge, ideas and more.

Meet Your Host

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill

Zen Art Sensei

  • full time successful professional artist
  • multi-award winning artist in all mediums
  • Author of the world wide selling book, Zen and the Art of Art
  • record breaking sales of art and several sellout exhibition series
  • Feature Artist at the Downlands Art Show – a world class art exhibition
  • runs a popular gallery and teaching studio
  • paints amazing huge art murals that are becoming world famous
  • has taught hundreds of absolute beginner adult students to paint
  • some students have gone on to win multiple awards
  • other students have become successful full time artists


All prices are in US Dollars.

It has reignited my love for drawing altogether. I have learnt so many fantastic tips and tricks.

Suzanne M

Fabulous!! Amazing what you can achieve in such a short time as a beginner.

Kerry L

Once again, amazing! Can’t believe I drew some of those things I did! Fantastic teacher. Thanks so much!

Michelle K

And fun!

Cassie H

Love it. Jacqui us such a positive, patient teacher. She has filled in many gaps in my knowledge.

Sarah D

Wonderful. Learnt so much from Jacqueline. She is a fountain of knowledge & teaches in a fun way.

Hayner A

You feel like you can because it has a positive atmosphere. Go Zen! Jacqui is inclusive & welcoming.

Vanessa D

Fabulous! Learnt so much. Jacqui is fab and an inspirational teacher!

Linda C

I really enjoyed it. A lot more informative than I expected. I loved all the paintings we did. Really enjoyable.

Kyriakos T

Loved it! So fun and informative. Love the energy.

Tameika G

Learnt a lot and building confidence bit by bit.

Sue B

Great teacher! Great way to learn how to draw and sketch. Great environment and fantastic people.

Elyse K

Relaxed, fun, pleasant. Techniques explained simply and able to be understood. Good communication. Positive atmosphere, lots of encouragement. I learnt a lot.

Carol B

Love it! Jacqui is amazing. Absolutely love working with her. She makes it so easy to see things you never usually see.

Debbie S

Excellent grounding, very supportive and encouraging. Made daily drawing enjoyable.

Tony B

Fantastic! Helped me to develop my style further & challenged what I already know.

Brooke L

I really loved it, AND I have improved!

Lynne S

Great Jacqui — Thank you! Fun, learned heaps, excited to go home and experiment further.
Katie J


All prices are in US Dollars.