Ninja Art Eraser Tips

Beginner, How To, Video Tips

Here’s four great videos full of all my tips and tricks for using erasers. I use these techniques myself all the time, so enjoy!

My favourite pencil-eraser combo — and an extra ninja trick!

All sorts of erasers I use:

A cool tip for getting the most out of plastic erasers, especially for fine work.

How to be the boss of kneadable erasers:

Happy painting!

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Ninja Art Tip #19 Why You Should Never Dilute with Water

Do you dilute your paint with water when working with acrylics? Whilst this may seem like a good idea, it actually does something bad to your paint. Find out what it does here!

Ninja Art Tip #18 Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Looking at Water

How can Water help you create art? This element symbolises levels of transparency. Find out how this can help your paintings here!

Ninja Art Tip #17 Earth, Air, Fire & Water: Looking at Fire

How can Fire help you create art? This element symbolises the different temperatures of colour. Find out how this tip can improve your paintings here!

Ninja Art Tip #16 Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Looking at Earth and Air

How can Earth and Air help you create art? These elements symbolise what is below and above in a painting. Find out what this means here!

Ninja Art Tip #15 How Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Helps You Paint

How can Earth, Air, Fire and Water help you create art? Watch here to learn how keeping the elements in mind can take your painting to a whole new level!

Ninja Art Tip #14 Which Pen to use for Ink Sketching

Would you love to learn how to sketch with ink? Watch here to see my favourite pen for ink sketching. Also, see some of artist Norman Lindsey’s work for inspiration!

Ninja Art Tip #13 How to Bring Joy and Depth to Your Pencil Drawings

Want a great final drawing? Make sure you create a tonal plan to attune your mind to the lights and the darks of your painting! Find out how to make one here!

Ninja Art Tip #12 How to Bring Depth to Your Pencil Drawings

Ever wondered how to get better at drawing? Even if you only have standard pencils, a few colours, and limited experience – you can make magic! Watch here to find out how!

Ninja Art Tip #11 A Natty Little Gadget for Your Pencils

Do you hate wasting short pencils? This is commonplace in the art world but a little gadget changed that for me. Watch here to see what it is!

Ninja Art Tip #10 How to be the Boss of Kneadable Erasers

Ever wondered how to use a kneadable eraser? This tool is perfect for artists who are erasing pencil regularly. However, like all erasers, they get dirty over time. You will know it's time to get a new eraser when it starts to smear graphite across the page. To make...

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