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EXPLORE Greece & Paint… From Home!


You will learn how to paint famous Greek locations, street scenes, people and animals — even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush.

No flights, no passports! Just join in on from your computer at home.

Enjoy two 3-hour art lessons, online from your own home with one of Australia’s top artists.

Day 1: Mykonos

Day 2: Rhodes

All Aboard!

Get this special fully immersive creative travel experience for just $197. Save thousands on flights, accommodation, travel insurance, and more.

Taste the dishes (with easy meal ideas to cook at home), dress up, laugh, meet friends and explore. Escape the everyday boredom and come with us on a virtual arty Tour to Greece!

Unique immersive virtual painting experience with one of Australia’s most successful art teachers, master artist Jacqueline Hill.

You’ll come away with up to 4+ gorgeous paintings of Greece plus amazing memories and experiences.

Watercolour Students
Beginner Drawing Students

You’ll be amazed at the places you’ll explore and paintings you’ll create from the comfort and safety of your own home — even if you’re a beginner.

Watercolour Students

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, Grandma or Retiree,

Tired of feeling bored, uninspired and stuck looking at the same walls every day? Soon you’ll love having the time to happily sketch and create!

Are you always in awe of those people who have travelled the world and come back with an art journal full of amazing paintings? Can you imagine being one of those people? Yes! It’s possible — I have seen people’s faces light up with joy hundreds of times in my classes and art retreats.

Itching to travel again, but don’t want to deal with all those lines and flight cancellations? Join us to relive those precious memories from Greece — and this time, sketch or paint a beautiful journal full of memories — whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced artist.

Come and travel online and paint with one of Australia’s most successful art teaching programs. Don’t have a lot of painting experience? No problem. Even in just 1 day, you will understand how to use pencil, watercolour and ink to paint anything you see. The incredible paintings you create will amaze you! Switch off and create with joy. Then enjoy the feeling of showing off your artworks to your friends and family!

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity lets you learn from a master teacher at an unbelievably low price — less than one tenth of a normal retreat price.

What you will experience

Traveling with paint from home is easy once you know the tricks! You’ll be immersed in stunning locations of the Greek Islands Mykonos and Rhodes to grow and explore your inner creativity with guidance from a kind zen art master.

You may even discover why creating art is so addictive to so many people. Did you know that making art has been proven to affect brain waves, calm the nervous system, raise serotonin levels and as a result genuinely make you feel happier?

You will discover that sketching and painting what you see while travelling creates treasured memories of those precious moments in time. You’ll find that drawing and painting while travelling will encapsulate those happy feelings far more than just photographs you take. 

Student, Joyce G.

Feel a huge sense of achievement when you (finally!) get painting.

Enjoy the satisfaction of creating wonderful artwork at the end of a creativity session.

Switch off from everyday worries, stresses and boredom to become relaxed, happy and refreshed.


“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing the course. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do… and you’ve given me the opportunity to have a go!”

Karen L


“I really enjoyed it. A whole new world… realising that you can just keep playing with it!”

Hazel C

 What we’ll be doing together over the retreat

Each day, you can explore incredible sites of Greece with paint, a vibrant community of creatives and a kind art mentor.

We’ll be immersing ourselves in the local culture, going on virtual walking tours around the streets, and popping into local restaurants to taste the local food specialties. We’ll provide simple art material lists and meal ideas for you to be able to prepare at home and taste the amazing gourmet sensations that Greece is famous for.

We’ll even make wine recommendations for each of the local areas that go perfectly with the food.

Most of all, you will receive world-class tuition in art from a kind and generous tutor. You will be amazed at what you learn, and what you’ll create in your very own art travel journal over the two days of exploring fun.


Day 1


Discover some of the incredible sites and history of Athens, the Acropolis and its famous Piraeus Port before cruising to our first island.

Then enjoy a Greek snack while sketching along the stunning Mykonos harbor, and meet a very special pelican!

Explore the hidden streets of the city and paint a picturesque glowing white street with flourishing bougainvillea flowers.

Day 2


Come along to the island of  Rhodes and sketch the medieval ramparts, built over 500 years ago.

Explore the winding cobblestone streets and paint the famous Avenue of the Knights, where you can still see stacks of old cannonballs.

Mix your own Greek cocktail and discover more amazing Greek culture and fun with free time activities.

Discover how easily you can sketch people, street scenes, architecture and animals (even if you can’t draw a stick figure!) with a ton of artists’ tricks that you’ll learn! Step by step, you’ll understand how to start a new sketch from scratch, and how easy it is to turn it into a delightful watercolour painting in your journal.

Whether you’re a total beginner or even an experienced artist, you will grow your skills and learn how to draw and paint on location. Everyone will find make drawing and painting realistic art so fun and easy.

Then you’ll learn how to make your drawings jump off the page with shadows, highlights and all sorts of insider artist techniques.

Your friends and family will not believe the set of beautiful paintings you have just created!

Travel from home anytime you want, wherever you are!

Save thousands on flights, accommodation, travel insurance and more. GHet this whole experience for…

ONLY $197

All prices are in US Dollars.

All Aboard!

Get this special fully immersive creative travel experience for just $197. Save thousands on flights, accommodation, travel insurance, and more.

Hit the button above and join this amazing retreat opportunity from your own home.

Can’t wait to meet you on the trip. Let’s have some fun together!

Here’s to your success in painting,


Jacqui signature


I really loved it, AND I have improved!

Lynne S

Amazed at what I created with no experience. Came away with lots of tips.

Leanne M

Loved the whole concept of an art retreat. Thoroughly enjoyed painting tuition.

Meredith B

Fully immersive 2 day travel experience from home:

  • Virtual tours explore the grand beauty of the Mykonos and Rhodes Green Islands (plus a quick stop in the famous Piraeus Port of Athens!)
  • Full itinerary including meal ideas, painting material lists, free time Greek culture activities, & more
  • Step by step sketching and painting from exclusive travel photos. Your tourguide knows each of these locations!
  • Watch, pause and rewatch virtual tours and world-class tuition as much as you want.

Get access to:

  • 2 Days of Immersive Virtual Travel Experience
    • Full tuition session with warm-up sketch and step-by-step painting session
    • Fun virtual travel & tours
    • Daily meal ideas & tips
    • Daily free time activities to explore Greek culture
  • Bonus extra day with tips to help you finish your paintings and travel journals.

Suits total beginner to advanced adults. All you need is a computer, internet, a pencil, watercolour paints and paper.

Learn to draw and paint from exclusive photos from the artists’ favourite locations in Mykonos and Rhodes Islands.


  • full video recordings to watch and re-watch
  • additional workbooks and ebooks full of painting and sketching tips and techniques, step-by-step Greek recipies, extra Greek culture insights and activity ideas
  • extra bonus tips to answer common questions about the paintings and to help you finish your travel journal
  • and more!

Meet Your Host

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill

Zen Art Sensei

  • full time successful professional artist
  • multi-award winning artist in all mediums
  • former professional tourguide, she has visited all the retreat locations
  • Author of the world wide selling book, Zen and the Art of Art
  • record breaking sales of art and several sellout exhibition series
  • Feature Artist at the Downlands Art Show – a world class art exhibition
  • runs a popular gallery and teaching studio
  • paints amazing huge art murals that are becoming world famous
  • has taught hundreds of absolute beginner adult students to paint
  • some students have gone on to win multiple awards
  • other students have become successful full time artists

All Aboard!

Get this special fully immersive creative travel experience for just $197. Save thousands on flights, accommodation, travel insurance, and more.

I’ve always thought I’d like to try art. I didn’t even know how to hold a paintbrush really. But now, I can paint!

Lynette L

Fabulous!! Amazing what you can achieve in such a short time as a beginner.

Kerry L

You feel like you can because it has a positive atmosphere. Go Zen! Jacqui is inclusive & welcoming.

Vanessa D

And fun!

Cassie H

Love it. Jacqui us such a positive, patient teacher. She has filled in many gaps in my knowledge.

Sarah D

Wonderful. Learnt so much from Jacqueline. She is a fountain of knowledge & teaches in a fun way.

Hayner A

Once again, amazing! Can’t believe I drew some of those things I did! Fantastic teacher. Thanks so much!

Michelle K

Fabulous! Learnt so much. Jacqui is fab and an inspirational teacher!

Linda C

I really enjoyed it. A lot more informative than I expected. I loved all the paintings we did. Really enjoyable.

Kyriakos T

Loved it! So fun and informative. Love the energy.

Tameika G

Learnt a lot and building confidence bit by bit.

Sue B

I loved it! I am totally addicted to painting!

Cate C

Fantastic! Helped me to develop my style further & challenged what I already know.

Brooke L

It has reignited my love for drawing altogether. I have learnt so many fantastic tips and tricks.

Suzanne M

Great Jacqui — Thank you! Fun, learned heaps, excited to go home and experiment further.
Katie J

Relaxed, fun, pleasant. Techniques explained simply and able to be understood. Good communication. Positive atmosphere, lots of encouragement. I learnt a lot.

Carol B

Love it! Jacqui is amazing. Absolutely love working with her. She makes it so easy to see things you never usually see.

Debbie S

Excellent grounding, very supportive and encouraging. Made daily drawing enjoyable.

Tony B

All Aboard!

Get this special fully immersive creative travel experience for just $197. Save thousands on flights, accommodation, travel insurance, and more.