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Zen and the Art of Art: Foundations

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Zen and the Art of Art: Dimensions

(Book 2 – coming soon)

About the upcoming Book 2

Ever looked at a painting you’re creating and known that there’s something just not right about it, but not known what? How can you fix a problem in a painting if you don’t even know what the problem is?

This book will guide you through with a blueprint plan of how to find problems in your paintings and exactly what to do to fix them. The tips in this book will become part of your painting toolbox that you won’t be able to do without. You will become confident at how to create paintings that really work.


  • A Treasure Map with 10 pathways to find your way to finishing a painting (even if you think it’s lost)
  • 4 ways to make your paintings look real, 3D and believable
  • Actionable steps to build your confidence and kick-start an art career

free how-to art videos

Ninja Art Tip #77 How To Use A Hake Brush? [PART TWO]

It’s time for the live painting of some beautiful soft skies! Watch this video to see the awesome results that a Hake brush creates.

Ninja Art Tip #77 How To Use A Hake Brush? [PART ONE]

In the last Ninja Art Tip, I introduced you to a beautiful Japanese watercolour brush known as the Hake brush. Find out how to use it here.

Ninja Art Tip #76 What is a Japanese Hake Brush?

One of my favourite types of watercolour brushes is the Japanese Hake brush. Check out this video to learn how to use it!

Ninja Art Tip #75 How To Destroy Your Pastel Sticks

If you want to paint with pastel, the very first thing to do is destroy your brand new pastel sticks. Find out how to do this and why it’s useful in the video.

Ninja Art Tip #74 What Water Soluble Pencils To Buy

Watch out when you’re buying water soluble pencils! To avoid purchasing the wrong tools, find out what to look out for in this video.

Ninja Art Tip #73 How To Prepare For Plein Air Painting

There is a helpful way to start when it comes to plein air painting. Check out this video to find out what it is.

Ninja Art Tip #72 How To Erase Pencil Markings in a Painting Space

As artists, we have to unlearn the way we use erasers. Watch this video to find out what the problem is and learn how to solve it.

Ninja Art Tip #71 How To Dry Paint with a Hairdryer

Have you ever used a hairdryer to dry your painting in-between layers? Check out this video for some tips of what to avoid.

Ninja Art Tip #70 What Never To Do With Oil Paint

Modern alternatives for cleaning oil paint off brushes is water soluble. Check out this video to learn what NEVER to do with water soluble oil paint.

Ninja Art Tip #69 How To Remove Masking Tape

Using masking tape is a great way to help you loosen up your paintings. However, there is a trick to remove it! Find out what it is here.

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