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Zen and the Art of Art: Foundations

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Zen and the Art of Art: Dimensions

(Book 2 – coming soon)

About the upcoming Book 2

Ever looked at a painting you’re creating and known that there’s something just not right about it, but not known what? How can you fix a problem in a painting if you don’t even know what the problem is?

This book will guide you through with a blueprint plan of how to find problems in your paintings and exactly what to do to fix them. The tips in this book will become part of your painting toolbox that you won’t be able to do without. You will become confident at how to create paintings that really work.


  • A Treasure Map with 10 pathways to find your way to finishing a painting (even if you think it’s lost)
  • 4 ways to make your paintings look real, 3D and believable
  • Actionable steps to build your confidence and kick-start an art career

free how-to art videos

Ninja Art Tip #13 How to Bring Joy and Depth to Your Pencil Drawings

Want a great final drawing? Make sure you create a tonal plan to attune your mind to the lights and the darks of your painting! Find out how to make one here!

Ninja Art Tip #12 How to Bring Depth to Your Pencil Drawings

Ever wondered how to get better at drawing? Even if you only have standard pencils, a few colours, and limited experience – you can make magic! Watch here to find out how!

Ninja Art Tip #11 A Natty Little Gadget for Your Pencils

Do you hate wasting short pencils? This is commonplace in the art world but a little gadget changed that for me. Watch here to see what it is!

Ninja Art Tip #10 How to be the Boss of Kneadable Erasers

Ever wondered how to use a kneadable eraser? This tool is perfect for artists who are erasing pencil regularly. However, like all erasers, they get dirty over time. You will know it's time to get a new eraser when it starts to smear graphite across the page. To make...

Ninja Art Tip #9 How to Make a Plastic Eraser Just Like New

Are you wishing for new erasers? Find out here how easy it is to give your erasers a whole new life!

Ninja Art Tip #8 Plastic Eraser Trick

Do you get frustrated when rectangular erasers start to curve? Find out how to make them last around five times longer with this simple trick!

Ninja Art Tip #7 All Sorts of Erasers I Use

What kind of erasers do you use when you’re drawing? See all my erasers and their benefits in the video below.

Ninja Art Tip #6 Eraser Retractable Pencil Combo + Ninja Tricks

Do you wish you could carry less when you go out to draw? If you want one less thing to take with you – try out this retractable pencil with an eraser!

Ninja Art Tip #5 How to Avoid Cleaning Brushes in Turps

Have you been wondering how to clean up your varnish brushes? This task usually requires Turps, but watch here to learn my secret for avoiding Turps and keeping my brushes clean!

Ninja Art Tip #4 Another Reason for Choosing Gloss Varnish

Still wondering what type of varnish is the best for you? Watch here to learn another reason I prefer the Gloss varnish to the alternatives.

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