Learn Oil

All the secrets of the paint, the brush, the canvas and the mind…

discover your inner creativity

Color Secrets

Acrylic color mixing

Create any color imaginable — with just a few tubes.

Brush Magic

Acrylic color mixing

Learn to paint so many marks with one brush.

The Artist Mind

Acrylic color mixing

Groundbreaking mindset to get you painting.

Florals & Water

Acrylic color mixing

Understand the subject to paint it again and again. 

Scenes & more

Acrylic color mixing

Bring artworks to life with the right mood and design.

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with Jacqueline Hill

Weekly 3hr lessons
at Brisbane Studio or via Zoom

Beginner Oil

Weekly lessons

in October, November & December

Adventurer Oil

Weekly lessons

in October, November & December


video lessons

Learn anytime, anywhere
at your own pace

Beginner Oil

Over 30 hours of
guided lessons.

Adventurer Oil

12 guided paintings
to explore.

I love oils! You are a very generous, wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing your expertise and warmth with me.
Leanne P


Fantastic! Helped me to develop my style further and challenged what I already know
Brooke L


The exercises of learning how to understand the media and compose were both interesting and suitably challenging. This art form is therapeutic for me.
Lisa B

Karana Downs

Student Success

Your Zen Art Sensei

Jacqueline Hill

Multi-Award Winning Artist & Author

Someone help me — I can’t stop painting!

Nice to meet you! I’m Jacqui, your Art Zen Sensei. My life’s passion is to bring more joy into the world with every artwork I paint and every student I mentor.

Students are amazed when their mind discovered the joy of creativity and they feel happier and more fulfilled in their lives. I can help you get past all the hurdles that have hindered your art in the past through my simple yet effective method: inner mind awareness (the secret) plus structured learning of skills (how), materials (what) and processes (which, when and where) with a deep understanding (why).

Jacqueline Hill

Start Learning Oil


I've never done Oil before — will I be ok?

YES! We cater for absolute beginners. Most of the people in the class will be in the same boat. You will find these classes very gentle and kind on people who are completely new to painting. You will be amazed at what you will learn in a supportive and positive learning environment.

How do I join the Live (In-Person or Zoom) Classes?

We now have up to 6 in-person spaces available in our Bellbowrie studio!

You can also join in via the video Zoom app. It's free to download and can be used on your phone, tablet or computer.

In the future, we look forward to be able to open up more Live spaces in our physical studio in Bellbowrie, Brisbane.

How do I join the Anytime (Online Video) Classes?

Just sign up to the course you want and you'll be able to access all your class recordings, resources and more under "My Dojo" over at dojo.zenartart.com.

What materials do I need?

We have a range of quality painting and potting materials an equipment in our studio, and post Australia-wide. All our Pathways come with suggested material kits so you'll always have everything you need.

I always recommend buying the best quality paints you can afford. They will make your artworks look really amazing and boost your confidence.

Do you teach children?

Yes, we have classes available for ages eight and up!

Our Mini Courses and Anytime classes are great options for kids, as they can explore their inner creativity around school and other commitments.

Our Live classes welcome keen teens in person, or younger children only via Zoom with parental supervision.

We also run different workshops throughout the year that suit ages 10+. You can sign up here to stay in the loop of our upcoming events.

My teaching builds the ability to see what is truly there, so I can guarantee that their drawings (and/or paintings) would improve out of sight, and they will learn skills they can use for a lifetime.

I have another question...

No problem! You can contact us about anything here.