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This is the recommended reading order for all current Zen and the Art of Art books. You can decide to follow this order or take your own route. All books do assume you are familiar with the concepts explored in Foundations.



How to Paint a Painting in Any Medium (including drawing)

A step by step guide to solving problems with your paintings, so you can 

Ever looked at your painting and knew something was just not right, but you’re not sure what? Ever wanted to start a painting but not known where to begin? This book is for you…

Even total beginners can follow this roadmap of exactly where to start and how to go about creating a beautiful drawing or painting. You’ll be able to pick up pencil or brush with confidence.

This book will guide you step by step through finding problems in your paintings and fixing them. The tips in these pages will become a part of your painting toolbox that you won’t be able to do without.

Be prepared for a breakthrough with your art!

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Coming in 2020 . . . 

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Learn to Draw

Coming soon . . . 

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