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Whether you’ve just begun your art journey or you’ve been travelling for awhile, we’ve got art hints, tips and resources for your inner painter.

Apps for Artists

Technology can be a distraction but also an asset for any artist. Here’s a great list of apps to help you stay organised and keep creating.

Colour Charts

It’s helpful to know what paint colours exist and keep track of which ones you own. To save you time, check out these colour charts from popular brands.

Blog Posts

Setting Up Your Painting Space

Setting Up Your Painting Space

Do you have a dedicated painting area at home? It’s good to honour whatever form of creative activity you love, whether it is drawing, painting,...

How to Find Photos to Paint From

How to Find Photos to Paint From

A Note about Copyright It’s important to know that copyright is always attributed to the original artist (or photographer) as soon as the artwork or...

Video Tips & Tutorials

Ninja Art Secrets of Earth, Air, Fire and Water

How can Earth, Air, Fire and Water help you create art? Get your Zen Art Mind ready and watch these tips! We'll start with Air: Now let's look at Earth: Looking at Fire: Looking at water: Happy painting!Check out these other free videosWhat to learn more? Visit the...

Ninja Art Varnishing Demo

Varnishing is an important way to protect your beautiful, finished artwork — and is also brings out all the delightful colours.Watch this demo on how to varnish an acrylic painting: Now here's a bonus tip for looking after your varnishing brush without having to...

Ninja Art Varnishing Tips

Here's three great videos all about varnishing, why you should varnish artworks and what type of varnish is best to use.If you already know about varnish and want to jump straight into the action, check out this post:Let's start at the Beginning: Why should paintings...

Measuring with a Pencil

Learn how to break Modern Mind by measuring with a pencil in this free video with Jacqueline Hill.Check out these other free videos

How to Crosshatch

Learn the basics and different types of crosshatching in this free video with Jacqueline Hill.Check out these other free videos

Create a Tonal Ruler

Learn how to create your own Tonal Ruler in this free video with Jacqueline Hill.Check out these other free videos

Ninja Art Eraser Tips

Here's four great videos full of all my tips and tricks for using erasers. I use these techniques myself all the time, so enjoy!My favourite pencil-eraser combo — and an extra ninja trick!All sorts of erasers I use:A cool tip for getting the most out of plastic...

More Art Tips

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