Accessing Online Video Classes

Watching your video art classes is easy! Let’s go through it step by step and if you’re still having troubles, just get in touch and our Zen Art team will be happy to help!

1. Go to the online Dojo

You can visit the online Dojo by clicking “Dojo” on the right hand side of our menu, just before the search icon.

Or you can click or copy this link into your browser:

Accessing Video Classes, Step 1: Enter the Dojo

2. Log In

Click “Log In” at the top right of the page.

If you don’t see “Log In” but you do see “My Dojo”, then you’re already logged in and can skip to Step 4!

Accessing Video Classes, Step 2: Log In

3. Your Email & Password

Enter in your email and password.

Can’t remember your password? Click “Forgot Password” then check your email inbox for more information.

Accessing Video Classes, Step 3: Log In Email & Password

4. My Dojo Courses

After logging in, you should see your My Dojo page. If not, click “My Dojo” in the top menu.

Here you will find all your different art courses and classes. Scroll down and click “View Course” on the one you want.

Accessing Video Classes, Step 4: My Dojo Courses

5. Choose Category

Choose the lesson category you want. Start out with the Welcome & Introduction category.

If you want to rewatch a lesson, choose the Level or category that your lesson is in. For Beginner and Adventurer Pathways, a Level is equivalent to a month.

Accessing Video Classes, Step 5: Choose the Level

6. Choose Lesson & Video

You’ll see a list of Lessons and videos. Scroll down to see Lesson 2, Lesson 3, etc.

Click on the Lesson video you want to watch. Usually you’ll want to start at the first one.

Accessing Video Classes, Step 6: Choose the Lesson & Video

7. Watch Your Video

Press the Play icon in the middle of the video to start watching!

You can also scroll through and select the other videos in the Lesson.


Accessing Video Classes, Step 7: Choose the Lesson & Video


Need help accessing, viewing or using any of your online classes?

We’re here to help! Send us a message or give us a call during office hours and we’ll be happy to help you painting with online video classes.