Whether you’ve just begun your art journey or you’ve been travelling for awhile, we’ve got art hints, tips and resources for your inner painter.

Top Resources

Apps for Artists

Technology can be a distraction but also an asset for any artist. Here’s a great list of apps to help you stay organised and keep creating.

Colour Charts

Check out what paint colours exist and keep track of which ones you own. Browse our growing list of colour charts from popular brands.

Top Books for Artists

Check out my list of top books for all artists, beginner and advanced.

Student Exhibitions

Explore and celebrate the success of students in our part student exhibitions.

How to access video classes

Unsure how to access your Dojo Video Courses? Check out this handy guide:

Ninja Art Tips

Ninja Art Tip #153 How to Perfect the Dry Brush Technique

Ninja Art Tip #153 How to Perfect the Dry Brush Technique

Are you trying to master the dry brush technique? 🖌 As a beginner artist, it can be hard to master loading up your watercolor brush with enough paint.

However, once you understand the basics, you may want to use the dry brush technique in your artworks. If this is you, check out this video!

Ninja Art Tip #152 How to Avoid Lifting Off Paint

Ninja Art Tip #152 How to Avoid Lifting Off Paint

Have you ever lifted paint from your canvas while you’re trying to add layers? It can be really frustrating to fight against your brush.

In this video, learn how to avoid this and remove an unnecessary stressor from your painting sessions.

Blog Posts

Setting Up Your Painting Space

Setting Up Your Painting Space

Do you have a dedicated painting area at home? It’s good to honour whatever form of creative activity you love, whether it is drawing, painting,...

How to Find Photos to Paint From

How to Find Photos to Paint From

A Note about Copyright It’s important to know that copyright is always attributed to the original artist (or photographer) as soon as the artwork or...


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Anytime Learning

Pick your own pace and learn everything you need to draw and paint.
Suits all ages and levels.

Mini Courses

Dip your toe in wit a range of mini video courses from painting dewdrops to drawing a human eye.

Art Membership

Start your Zen Art Journey with a range of video courses, downloadables, feedback and more.

Face-to-Face Learning

Learn from Jacqueline Hill in one of her popular in-person art classes.
Suits keen teens and adults of all levels.

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are held in her Brisbane (Qld, Australia) studio for everyone ranging from total beginners to experienced painters.

Art Retreats

Treat yourself to a luxury art adventure full of colour, inspiration and great experiences. Suits total beginners and experiences painters.