Fledgling 2024

Online Art Student Exhibition

Live Grand Opening on Facebook & Zoom
Sat 17th August 10am (Brisbane AEST)
Fri 16th August 5pm (Pacific PDT)

Exhibition Dates: Sat 17th August– Mon 26th August

About the Exhibition

We are so proud of all our lovely students and we are excited to host a new Student Exhibition! The talent and hard work shown by our students from beginner to advanced is incredible.

Being brave and entering artworks into an exhibition or competition is a wonderful experience for budding artists. Art is often about taking a leap of faith and trying something new, even if it seems scary. The Fledgling Exhibition is a wonderful way for even total beginner artists to join a professional exhibition and take that new step with their art.

Key Dates

Entries Open
Mon 1 July 2024

Entries Close
Sat 27 July 2024

Grand Opening & Prizes
Sat 17th August 10am (Brisbane AEST)
Fri 16th August 5pm (Pacific PDT)

Exhibition Dates: Sat 17th August– Mon 26th August

The Gallery

Our annual Fledgling Student Exhibition is an online, 3D and interactive gallery featuring artists and beginner painters from all over the world!

Here’s a quick look at last year’s online, interactive gallery. Visitors can move around walls and between artworks with just a click of a button.

Student FAQ

Who can enter?

Any past or current student of Jacqueline Hill, Art at Heart or Zen and the Art of Art can enter into Fledgling 2024! As soon as entries open, you’ll receive an invitation email.

How many artworks can I enter?

All students can enter up to 5 artworks.

We will contact you in early August to announce which artworks have been accepted into the exhibition.

How do I enter?

To enter, all you need to do is:

  1. Prepare a photo of your artwork(s) — please read requirements in the next section
  2. Pay the entry fee
  3. Submit the entry form

When entries open, you’ll receive an email invite.

Requirements for artwork photo

The photo of your artwork must:

  • be taken with good light
  • be taken straight on (not on an angle)
  • have nothing showing aside from the painting (ie no wall / frame / table)
  • in a .jpg / .jpeg file
  • be 800px along the largest side (height or width)
  • have your copyright overlay that is
    • not distracting
    • located on bottom-right of photo
    • no larger than 200px wide


If you cannot produce a photo of your artwork that matches these requirements, please contact us. We can assist with some or all of these requirements, possibly at a small fee.

You may tweak the colour or contrast of your photo only to try match the artwork’s original colours and tones. Otherwise, you must tell us in the Artwork Description that the painting has been digitally altered.

What types of artwork can I enter?

You can enter any artwork you have completed during one of Jacqueline Hill’s classes or in your own time, as long as the artwork has not been entered into a past Fledgling exhibition.

Artworks you can submit include:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Clay sculptures*
  • Drawings or Paintings that have been digitally altered to change the appearance**

*Clay sculpture entries are limited to students who are past or current pottery students with Jacqueline Hill.

**When uploading drawings or paintings that have been digitally altered, please select “Mixed Media” as the Medium and note the digital alteration in the Artwork Description.

How does copyright work for a virtual gallery?

The virtual gallery displays a photo of your artwork. When images go onto the internet, there is never any guarantee someone will not steal it. But we have a plan to protect you and your art!

This plan includes safety measures taken by us and the artwork photo requirements that you are responsible for following.

Will my artwork be available for sale?

If you do not want your artwork to be available for sale, leave the price box empty when submitting your artwork.

At this stage, if you choose to put an artwork up for sale, the price must be in Australian Dollars only.

All Australian artists will be able to put any artworks they enter up for sale in the exhibition if they want.

All non-Australian artists can put any artworks they enter up for sale in the exhibition as long as they do not already have income from artwork sales (according to tax).


Fees, commission, etc

Entry Fee: AU$20 or US$14

Artwork Sale Commission: 25%

Artist payment for sale: deposited into your nominated bank account by 26 September 2024

Photo Services Available:

ServiceCost per photo
Photo Editing (crop, resize, colour)AU$10 US$7
Copyright OverlayAU$5 US$4
Photographing Artwork (available only in Brisbane, Australia)from AU$15

For more information, read the Terms & Conditions or contact us.

Terms & Conditions of Entry