Pack your bags

We’re going to Greece… from Home!


Get Ready to Paint Greece

Each day, you’ll explore incredible sites of Greece with paint, a vibrant community of creatives and a kind art mentor. Get ready to be immersed in the local culture, going on virtual walking tours around the streets, and popping into local restaurants to taste the local food specialties.


Art Materials

You can paint and draw with any of your favourite art materials and mediums, but we’ve also prepared a helpful list of recommended materials.

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Meals & Activities

See our tips for the best meals to taste and downtime activities to do to feel like you are in Greece!


Check out all the amazing  places you’re going to visit and the fun activities planned for each day.

Set up your Greek space!

It’s important to set up your space for painting. I’ve got great tips for how to do this in a blog post here.

But, we’re not just going to be painting at home… we’re going to Greece! During the live painting sessions, we’ll be playing Greek music for you and taking you on virtual tours through the streets of Greece. Here are some suggestions to help bring Greece even closer to you:

  • Prepare the suggested meals to enjoy the beautiful tastes of the Greek Islands.
  • Bring the classic sights of Greece into your painting space with decor that matches Greece’s classic blue and white colors and love of natural textures such as jute, woven baskets and linen fabrics.
  • Immerse yourself with candles, diffusers, incense sticks or room sprays scented with classic Greek smells such as olive leaves, herbs, sea salt and citrus.
  • Enjoy the sounds of Greece in your own time by tuning to an online Greece radio station.

If you have a VIP ticket, we’ve prepared step-by-step Greek recipes and heaps of extra tips about setting up your painting space to feel like Greece, including steps for how to create your own Greek-inspired room scent spray and recommended online Greek radios to tune into.

Login at My Dojo and go into your Explore Greece with Paint course to find all these details.

If you’re interested in the VIP experience, you can learn more about upgrading now for the full Greece experience.

Meet Your Host

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill

Zen Art Sensei

  • full time successful professional artist
  • multi-award winning artist in all mediums
  • former professional tourguide, she has visited all the retreat locations
  • Author of the world wide selling book, Zen and the Art of Art
  • record breaking sales of art and several sellout exhibition series
  • Feature Artist at the Downlands Art Show – a world class art exhibition
  • runs a popular gallery and teaching studio
  • paints amazing huge art murals that are becoming world famous
  • has taught hundreds of absolute beginner adult students to paint
  • some students have gone on to win multiple awards
  • other students have become successful full time artists

I really loved it, AND I have improved!

Lynne S

Amazed at what I created with no experience. Came away with lots of tips.

Leanne M

Loved the whole concept of an art retreat. Thoroughly enjoyed painting tuition.

Meredith B