Tastes of Europe… from Home!


European Recipes

One of the most wonderful things about travelling is sampling new exotic cuisine in the countries we visit. Let’s all pretend we’re in Europe and enjoy the local cuisine — here’s how we’ll do it.

We have selected some recipes that we can enjoy getting together and eating together (online!). Remember this is optional if you are busy, but perhaps consider just picking one or two and joining in with us? All you have to do is to shop for a few ingredients, and rustle up a meal or two. We’ll feel like we’re really there on location!

Explore this authentic selection of European meals, snacks and drinks. Each meal is tailored to the country and town you’ll be visiting and soon will include a simple recipe using widely-available ingredients.

If you want to relax and not worry about cooking, have a look around to see if you can order any of the dishes or something similar! You could try services such as UberEats, DoorDash or a local restaurant.

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Day 1: France

Live on Friday 25th March (Brisbane AEST)

Breakfast in Paris

Enjoy an authentic French breakfast with your choice of drink.

Croissant grillé

Enjoy a toasted croissant with your favourite fillings

Jus d'orange

Freshly squeezed orange juice

French Coffee

Discover two traditional French coffees: bold & bitter or sweet & indulgent

Lunch in Lyon

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Salade Lyonnaise

A traditional salad from the town of Lyon, similar to a Ceaser salad with a dijon-vinegar dressing

Croques Monsieur

Classic toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a French twist: bechamel sauce

Afternoon Tea in France

Fun Snack: Cheese

Grab yourself a French cheese you’ve never tried before. We’ll all taste our cheeses when we’re together and share the different cheese names, the regions they come from and flavours!

Dinner in France

Choose One

Coq au Vin

Traditional French chicken stew


Classic French vegetable stew

Vin rouge

Enjoy your choice of meal with a cup (or two!) of French Red Wine

Day 2: Italy

Live on Saturday 26th March (Brisbane AEST)

Breakfast in Italy

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Pane e marmellata

Enjoy a simple yet classic breakfast of jam on bread

Uova al purgatorio

A warm breakfast of eggs and Italian sausages baked in tomato

Italian Coffee

Try a style of classic Italian coffee you’ve never tasted before and let us know what it was like!

Lunch in Amalfi

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Enjoy a traditional thin-crust Italia Pizza with your choice of classic toppings

Insalata di tonno e fagioli

Take a bite of Italy’s coastal tuna and white bean salad

Afternoon tea in Burano

Liquore all'amaretto e biscotti

Amaretto almond liqueur (or Disaronno for a nut-free version) & your choice of biscotti

Dinner in Italy

Tagliatelle al ragù bolognese

Famous Italian Bolognese with its traditional tagliatelle pasta

Vino rosso

Enjoy with a cup (or two!) of Italian Red Wine


For dessert, enjoy a new Italain gelato flavour

Day 3: Central Europe

Live on Sunday 27th March (Brisbane AEST)

Breakfast in Switzerland


Start your day with a healthy bowl of swiss muesli with a great big dollop of yogurt

Hot Chocolate

Indulge yourself with a cup of rich Swiss hot chocolate

Fun Snack: Swiss Chocolate

Pick up some classic Swiss chocolates such as Lindt or Toblerone and together we’ll enjoy some chocolatey goodness!

Lunch in Belgium

Belgium food has a unique mix of French, Dutch, German and Flemmish styles.

Fun Snack: Belgium Waffle

For a fun snack, don’t miss out on some classic Belgium Waffles. You can find these in the international section of most supermarkets or you can make them yourself.

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Salade Liègeoise

Enjoy a traditional salad from the town of Liège, Belgium

Boulets Liègeoise

Traditional Belgium meatballs from the town of Liège

Cocktails in Netherlands

To finish off our wonderful weekend together, create your own Dutch- or European-inspired cocktail.

Dutch Cocktails

Here’s a few popular Dutch cocktails to help you get started

Dinner in Netherlands

The Dutch have a large history of trade and travel so their food has a range of influences from around the world.

Fun Snack: Speculaas Buscuits

Enjoy these traditional cinnamon biscuits with a glass of milk or tea. You can find these in the international section of most supermarkets or you can make them yourself.

Kip Sate

Chicken peanut satay blending Dutch and Indonesian flavours


For dessert, finish off with a warm Apple Pie, which you can buy premade or make yourself