Croissant Grillé

A taste of France… from Home!


Breakfast in France

Breakfast or petit-déjeuner in France is typically a light meal. Parisians often enjoy a breakfast of croissants and coffee at a local cafe as a treat.

Prep Time: 5min

Cook Time: 5min

Total Time: 10min


  • 2 x croissants
    If you can pick them up fresh from a local bakery or cafe, that is ideal!

Filling Suggestions

  • Brie and Strawberry
  • Jam and butter
  • Ham and tomato
  • Feta and spinach


Step 1
Preheat you oven to 120°C (or 250°F) or two-sided grill to medium.

Step 2
Slice the croissants in half lengthwise.

Step 3
Add fillings into croissants.

Step 4
Place the croissants into the oven or grill. Toast for 2–5 minutes until warm and crispy.

Step 5
Enjoy with a cup of French coffee or orange juice.