Italian Coffee

A taste of Italy… from Home!


Coffee and Italy

Italians love their coffee. In fact, coffee first entered Europe through the trading ports of Venice. Many of our words for coffee actually come from the Italians, such as expresso, cappuccino and latte.

Popular Types of Coffee in Italy



A simple shot of expresso.


Caffè latte

Add heated and slightly foamed milk to a shot of expresso.
The ratio of coffee:milk should be 1:2.



Add heated and well-foamed milk to a shot of expresso.
The ratio of coffee:milk:foam should be 1:1:1.



A shot of expresso with a dash of heated and well-foamed milk that sits like a little island on top of the coffee.



Mix half a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to a shot of expresso and top with milk foam or whipped cream. Typiclaly served in a glass cup.



Chilled espresso poured over ice and shaken to a froth. Typically serves in a tall glass cup.


Caffè al ginseng

A shot of espresso mixed with ginseng root extract. Can also be made by mixing the ginseng root extract with another form of coffee such as a cappiccino or macchiato.


Caffè d’orzo

A decaf coffee-like drink made from roasted barley. You can use a shot of caffè d’orzo with other Italian coffee variations such as a cappiccino or macchiato.