Jus d’Orange

A taste of France… from Home!


Juice in France

French love their fruit juice, and the fresher the better! Many grocery stores and event some hotels have machines to freshy squeezed organge juice.

If you can’t make freshly squeezed organge juice yourself, look for bottles labelled as 100% orange juice. For an authentic French taste, you don’t want any added sugars or preservatives. 

Prep Time: 5min

Total Time: 5min

Serves: 1


  • 2 x fresh oranges


Step 1
Lightly smack each orange on the counter then cut each one in half.

Step 2
Squeeze into a glass. You may also use a citrus reamer to do this. If you want less pulp, use a hand juicer with a strainer.

Step 3
Pour into a glass and enjoy for breakfast with fresh croissants!