A taste of Europe… from Home!


Wine in Europe

Both Italy and France boasts several wine-making regions, many of which trace their history back to ancient Roman times.

There’s no need to spend all your pocket money on a pile of bottles, perhaps just pick one nice bottle of French-style red wine to enjoy with our meals in France and one Italian-style red wine to enjoy in Italy. Feel free to wave the notes below in front of your local bottle shop or, if you’re a wine connoisseur yourself and you know a great pairing, share it with us!

French Wine Suggestions

Both of the French Dinner meals we’ve suggested pair perfectly with French Red Wine. If you’re having trouble deciding, check out our suggestions below to suit the meal you choose:

Perfect for Coq au Vin

  • Red Burgundy
    A fresh taste with light fruity tones underpinned by complex and earthy flavours.
  • Pinot Noir
    A light, acidic and fruity red wine with a subtle earthy tone.

Perfect for Ratatouille

    • Shiraz (or Syrah)
      A strong, savoury fruity flavour with smoky overtones and plenty of pepper.
    • Bordeaux
      A dry, medium to full-bodied flavour with medium acidity.

    Italian Wine Suggestions

    Our Italian bolognese meal pairs perfectly with Italian Red Wine. If you’re having trouble deciding, check out our suggestions to suit the meal:

    Perfect for Ragù alla Bolognese

    • Barbera 
      A full-bodied wine with a bright cherry fresh balanced with tart acidity.
    • Sangiovese
      A savoury wine rich in tannis and high in acidity with notes of dark stone fruit, spiced, tobacco and dry herbs.