Day 3

Explore Switzerland & Netherlands… from Home!


Switzerland & Netherlands Travel Guide

Meet the Beautiful Bears of Berne with your paint brush at the ready. Then paint a quick postcard of the snowy mountains.

Stop off and grab some Lindt Chocolates before heading to Liege, Belgium for a traditional lunch.

In the afternoon, continue onto Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands for a spectacular last stop and create a painting that’s exploding with colour.

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Reference Images

Explore and download the sites of Switzerland and Netherlands. We’ll use these photos during our painting session.

Got your own photos of these locations? If you’re an experienced painter, bring them along on the day and paint them too!

Your Tour Leaders

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill

Multi-award winning artist and teacher

Kyla Magin

Kyla Magin

Jacqui’s assistant


All times and dates use Brisbane AEST time.

Sunday 26th March 2022
9:30am — Join Zoom Meeting
10am — Morning Session Starts
12:30pm — Lunch
1:30pm — Afternoon Session Starts
4pm — Snacks & Chat
5pm — Zoom Meeting Ends

See more details on the itinerary page, which you can access via


  • Prepare Art Materials
  • Plan & Prepare Meals (optional)
  • Prepare Local Snack (recommended)
    To finish off our wonderful weekend together, create your own Dutch- or European-inspired cocktail.
  • Download Reference Images
  • Find Ticket
    Check email inbox (or junk folder!) for Zoom Meeting details.
  • Set up Art Space
    Choose a nice corner where you can set up your paints, Zoom meeting and where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Have a Water Bottle
    Staying hydrated is important for your focus! I recommend using a water bottle so you never accidentally dip your brush into your drinking cup.
  • Prepare Your Mind
    Just before you join us, take a moment to sit and breathe. I’ll be teaching you how to use your Zen Art Mind, and this is the first step!