How to Crosshatch

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Learn the basics and different types of crosshatching in this free video with Jacqueline Hill.

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Ninja Art Tip #134 How To Repurpose A Watercolor Pad

What do you do with your watercolor pad covers once you’re finished with them? You don’t need to throw them away!

I’ve got some great ideas for repurposing these covers — ideas that span across heaps of different mediums. I’d love to see how you choose to reuse them.

Ninja Art Tip #133 How To Approach a New Drawing Subject

Do you feel overwhelmed when you approach a new drawing subject? You don’t need to!

I’ve got some great reminders in this video which will help you stay calm and confident when you sit down to draw something new.

Ninja Art Tip #132 How To Make Linework Easier

Do you enjoy using ink pens for linework? I’ve got some great tips that will make it so much easier!

I love ink sketching so I can’t wait to see what you create with this.

Ninja Art Tip #131 How To Transfer Varnish Safely Between Bottles

Do you ever find yourself with multiple bottles of the same varnish? It can be really hard to combine the leftover liquid without making a mess 🫗.

However, I’ve found a great solution! It is even safe from the curiosity of my gorgeous Burmese cat. Check it out!

Ninja Art Tip #130 How to Organise Your Watercolor Dishes

Do you have trouble organising your paint dishes? 🤔 Organising your art space can be really important for your creativity.

Recently, I reorganised all the soy dishes that hold my watercolor paint! Check out what method I used to see if it could help you.

Ninja Art Tip #129 How to Transfer Dry Watercolor Paint Between Dishes

Do you ever want to move dry watercolor paint into a different dish? You can! This is a great way to preserve your leftover paint.

It can be hard to move when it’s still dry, but I’ve got a great tip to reveal the secret.

Ninja Art Tip #128: How to Change the Light Source of a Photo

Are you ever using a reference photo and wish the light source was coming from the other direction?

It can be hard to visualise this with your imagination, so I’ve got a great tip that will show the image just as you’d like it!

Ninja Art Tip #127 How To Perfect Your Tonal Sketches

Do you create tonal or composition sketches before you start drawing? Sometimes it can feel like a really big job!

In this video, I’m going to share some super simple tips that will help you to perfect your tonal sketch. As a bonus, you will also improve your composition! Did this tip help you?

Ninja Art Tip #126 How To Draw Perfect Symmetry

Have you ever struggled with achieving perfect symmetry in your drawings? It can be a challenging skill to master, but with the right techniques, anyone can do it.

Watch this video to learn the simple tricks that helped me.

Ninja Art Tip #125 Why Does My Painting Look Flat?

As a beginner, it can be really easy to create paintings that look flat 😔. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Find out why it happens and which basic techniques you need to master for the best results.


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